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How Can Oral Surgery Improve How Well Dentures Fit?

Posted on 3/13/2018 by David Admin
Dentures OMA Oklahoma City OK 73134People who lose their teeth may need dentures to allow them maintain their ability to speak and eat properly.

Dentures are made from impressions of an individual's mouth after having tooth extraction, and although they may function properly, sometimes, a person may have problems with fit.

The dentures may fall out or move around while eating. If you want to have dentures fitted, oral surgery may come in handy to help them fit properly.

A pre-prosthetic surgery prepares your mouth before getting dentures and it involves minor alterations to keep the jaw in the right size and shape so that dentures fit well.

Smooth and Reshape the Bone

When your teeth are removed, they may leave sharp, rough edges and because dentures will be placed on the bone ridge, they could cause sore spots when they rub against the edges.

A procedure known as alveoloplasty helps to smoothen the uneven edges, thus allowing the dentures to fit firmly and prevent the formation of sore spots.

Remove Excess Bone

You may not have a problem with your dentures if there are small bits of excess bone, however, if the pieces are large, it can harm the denture fit.

Having excess bone close to the cheek or lips, or on the inner part of your jaw near the tongue may affect the seal, something that causes the dentures to loosen and start falling out.

Surgery prior to having dentures can help solve this problem. Besides removing excess bone, surgery will help prevent bone loss that occurs when the jaw changes shape as it deteriorates. You may have soft tissue and bone grafting to help prevent bone loss, meaning you won't be needing new dentures anytime soon.

Don't let dentures to cause daunting moments because they have become loose or are coming out while you eat. Contact us to find out how oral surgery can help you if you plan to get dentures after tooth loss.

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